2016 College Resources for Students with Disabilities

2016 College Resources for Students with Disabilities

AccreditedOnlineColleges.org recently published the 2016 College Resources for Students with Disabilities.

Since the Americans with Disabilities Act enacted in the late 90’s, many social barriers have been removed or reduced, yet there is still a ways to go. In the course of their research, it was found that most student with disabilities were not fully aware of educational rights, grants, and education resources that are available for them. So they decided to create a user-friendly guide that explores legal provisions as well as a comprehensive listing of scholarships and grants designed specifically to support their higher education pursuits. The hope is their guide will not only answer common questions, but allow those living with disabilities the opportunity to leverage educational benefits and feel empowered to continue to lead fulfilling lives.

To see the guide, visit their website here.

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